Photo Investments


Choose your investments that fits your needs perfectly and if you still would like to setup something unique just send me a message

Package 1 - R1200

30 min session

50+ edited images with a download link.

Package 2 - R2000

60 min session

100+ edited images with a download link.

You get all the edited images, the minimum amount just varies with the time limit.

Package 1 is more for small intimate sessions and Package 2 works perfectly for families or big groups where we need more time to capture your beautiful memories.

Artwork, Design, Inspiration -
Add something special to your collection

Additional photographer – R2500

Additional DVD – R100

Additional USB – R300 (not branded)

Additional 30 min of photography – R500

A5 Linen Album - R1500

A5 Linen album, Classic Design, 

Client will choose 30 images to place into book

A4 Linen Album - R2500

A4 Linen album, Classic Design, 

Client will choose 50 images to place into book

Wedding Linen Album - R5000

Linen album, 25 x 34 cm, Classic Design, Thick pages

Client will choose 100 images to place into book



Jumbo print (10x15cm) each @ R10

A5 print (15x20cm) each @ R30

A4 print (20x30cm) each @ R70

A3 print (30x40cm) each @ R200

A2 print (40x80cm) each @ R400

A1 print (59.4 x 84.1cm) each @ R700

Canvas Prices

A4 (20x30cm) each @ R300

A3 (30x40cm) each @ R400

A2 (40x80cm) each @ R600

A1  (60x90cm) each @ R800

A0 (80x112cm) each @ R1200


I (the client) acknowledge, confirm and agree that:   

1. If I do not provide Colour Photography with a agreed acceptance of this booking form and a non-refundable booking fee of 50% of the package chosen on the date of reservation for Colour Photographts’ services , this agreement will lapse and be of no further force and effect (no longer valid) and that Colour Photography will have no obligation to render any services to me.  

2. Should the photo session for any reason be canceled, that I/we would not be able to claim back the paid booking fee. 

3. The balance of the package or quoted invoice shall be due and payable and available in cash (in case of an electronic transfer) to Colour Photography in the week before our photo session. Failing to effect above-mentioned payment or provide proof thereof, Colour Photography can refuse to execute their mandate to take photographs.  

4. The photographs will be available for  download within 4 to 6 weeks for photo sessions  (except the storybooks).  

5. I/we accept that the design of the storybook will take longer and will not be available upon collection of the photographs.   

6. I/we will supply Colour Photography with the storybook photos within two weeks after I/we received the photos from Colour Photography. If the photos are not given to Colour Photography within 2 weeks an additional fee of R300 will be paid to Colour Photography as the prices of story albums increase without notice. 

7. I/we will pay Colour Photography’s transport costs at the rate of R4.00 p/km in the event that our photo session will be taken outside of Bloemfontein city center and situated as specified in the booking form.  

8. There is no provision made for accommodation expenses in our photo packages and I/we shall add the amount of R800 per photographer to our package if accommodation is needed.   

9. Colour Photography will choose the best photographs to process and print from the batch of photographs taken, but I/we may order any additional prints not included in the selection. I/We or anyone other than Colour Photography is not allowed to edit the images given to us. No Instagram or any other photo editing software filter on a computer or cell phone may be used on the photos.  

10. I/We shall be liable for payment of any postage/courier fees where applicable. Courier fees is R250 per package.   

11. I/We understand that Colour Photography will only keep images for 6 months and I/we agree to make a back-up of our images.   

12. All negatives remain the property of Colour Photography.   

13. By accepting this Terms and Conditions and agreeing to this booking form Colour Photography reserves the right to use any of our photographs for advertising or marketing purposes.

14. Colour Photography will take all necessary steps required to prevent us from suffering any damages.  

15. In the event that Colour Photography is found liable for damages caused to us directly or indirectly, Colour Photography shall be limited to the deposit amount in terms of the package quoted for.  

16. In the event that there is a technology failure Colour Photography cannot be held responsible for the failure.

Booking form

Eg. Couple, Engagment, Family, Maternity, Portraits.
*Not applicable to Wedding or Engagement sessions.
Please specify other location here as well as other details you need me to know regarding the photo session