How to make a booking?

* Firstly, email me with all your wedding details and we can talk wedding packages.

Then to book your wedding date and ensure that I will be photographing your wedding, a signed contract,

and a 50% non-refundable booking is required. I book on a first come, first serve basis, upon receipt of a signed contract along with the deposit.


How far in advance do you book weddings?

* I normally get booked 6 – 12 months in advance.


Do you travel for weddings?

* Yes! I love to travel for weddings. Travel fee is R4 per kilometer to the venue and back.

Two nights stay must be organized and paid for.


What equipment do you use?

* I shoot with my awesome Nikon D750. I have a Tamaron 24-70mm and a 50mm lens.

I do have backup equipment with me at all time.


How to ensure you get the best wedding photographs?


   Be yourself

* Most important, just be yourself. Try and relax on your wedding day and let things flow.

I will capture your memories as they happen naturally. Try not to overthink poses, I will guide you if necessary.

   Natural light

* I will recommend a room with as much natural light as possible.

This will ensure that you get beautiful lit photographs.

Remember if a room is very dark the photos will also turn out dark.

   Outside wedding

* If you plan your ceremony outside, please ensure that you stand under a shaded area –

either a linen gazebo or big tree. The reason is that the sun can give very

harsh shadows on your face. Like squinting when you looking at the sun or bright light.

   Additional light in the ceremony

* To capture those important formalities and get those natural moments between your guests,

please ensure that you have as much additional lightning as possible.

This will ensure that we don’t have to use our flash on a high setting,

and the guests will hardly notice me as I capture those special moments. Candles and fairy lights are not enough light.


What is the best time of day to get married?

I prefer doing the couple shoot 45 minutes before the sun sets. This will ensure a beautiful soft golden light.

After the ceremony ensures at least half an hour for family photos.

Then I will take photographs of the bridal party and then it is time for the couples’ photos.

Use Timeanddate.com to see how late the sun sets on your wedding day.


How long do we wait for our photos?

Normal delivery time is 2 – 3 months.


Can we edit any of the photos?

No, I spend days editing your images to perfection, making sure each photo

I give is according to my style. Photography is more than just ‘clicking and editing’ – it’s art,

it’s my way of expressing your love, your beauty and your moment and that’s why you choose me in the first place because you like my style.


We are not sure if we want to do the engagement session or not, do you think we should?

Yes, I think it is a great idea for multiple reasons.

During the time spend together for your engagement session,

we get to know each other, laugh and share stories. You two will become comfortable with me

and being in front of my camera. On your wedding day, you’ll know what to expect and

you’ll be okay with me taking many pictures of you.




When we meet for coffee, I will work out a timeline especially for

your wedding day with the package that you chose.

But here is a break down on how long I spend on each section.

Decor – 30 min

* It all depends on where you are getting dressed and where the venue is.

If the groom is getting dressed at the venue I will first photograph the decor and then go to the groom.

Groom – 1 hour

* I normally do a mock dress up with the men before I go to the bride.

This will ensure that they are more relaxed before heading to the ceremony.

When I arrive, please do not be dressed, as I will photograph your

details before you get dressed. Also to capture fun-filled moments with the groomsmen.

Bride – 1 to 2 hours (depending on the package)

* When I arrive at the bride, I will suggest that the makeup artist is almost done or

at least halfway with the makeup. I will then photograph your detail and

the final makeup touches. Bridesmaids should be done with makeup and hair.

Ceremony – 1 hour

I normally sit out 1 hour for the ceremony which includes the signing of the registry and throwing off the confetti.

Family Photographs – 30 min

Please make a list of your family photos that need to be taken.

This is extremely important so that we don’t miss someone that went to the bathroom.

The couple and Bridal Party – 1 hour ( depending on travel )

Reception – ( depending on package )

I normally give the suggestion to finish up on your formalities as soon as possible

so that you have more time to spend with your guest. I also suggest that you do the bouquets,

garter toss and cutting of the cake before the first dance, this saves a lot of time and then after your first dance the party can start.